An Irishman enjoying a wonderful journey in a crazy world and hoping to share some of it with all of you here. ENFP.

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Just wanted to say a quick welcome to my extended profile. My name is Frank Ó’hÁinle, well that is almost true. As a weird Gaelic quirk, I have been referred to by my middle name Frank all my life, despite my first name actually being Taidhg. This would of course have been understandable if my parents had deigned to inform me of the fact before I turned 21.

For some reason as a writer, I struggle writing…

The last days of Lukashenko?

The events of the 23rd of May have drawn much attention to what was described during the tenure of George H. Bush as Europe’s final dictatorship.

Which speaks for itself in terms of the longevity of the current administration. The event in question has led to Belarus receiving much attention in the form of international condemnation for the hijacking of flight FR4978 from Athens to Vilnius.

This was ordered by Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko in order to detain an opposition Journalist of Belarussian origin Roman Protasevich and his Russian girlfriend.

An unverified transcript has claimed that there were reports of…

How Apathy and Apatheia differ vastly

There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.”-Epictetus

It has often been believed of the Stoics, that those who follow this philosophical doctrine are cold unfeeling men, incapable of emotion and as such inhumane to a certain degree. Therein lies the most common misconception surrounding a school of philosophy that has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in recent years.

This misunderstanding often attempts to perpetuate the idea that Stoicism preaches a belief in maintaining the stereotypical stiff upper lip and is also connected with connotations…

How an animated children’s film helped me through my loss

During times of loss and grief, quotes and other such words of wisdom are oftentimes turned to in order to give us some form of solace. My usual approach is to turn to the Stoics in such difficult times, whether it be Marcus Aurelius or a more modern-day equivalent such as Viktor Frankl. Their approach to living as expressed by the words they make use of has oftentimes resonated with me at the very lowest moments in my life. The darkest hour so to speak, yet in this instance, to my own surprise, this was far from the case.


Lessons learned from the Finnish way of life

“With Sisu Anything is Possible”-Finnish Proverb

The word Sisu has become almost synonymous with the Russo-Finnish Winter War of 1939, despite the concept existing in some shape or form for the majority of Finnish history. If one were to ask a Finn what Sisu means in the English language they would struggle to properly put it into words and would instead prefer to show an individual what it truly means. …

The danger posed to Roe v Wade by an unbalanced Supreme Court

The United States Judicial system has come under much scrutiny over the past few years due to the politicization of the court under the Obama, Trump and Biden eras. At present, it looks likely that this issue will come to the fore yet again in the coming days, as the ever-looming spectre of Roe v Wade, rears its head yet again at a particularly fraught moment in US politics.

For those unacquainted with US abortion rights, the story has been a particularly long-fought one that has been in…


What Another Round has to say about life, drinking, and despondency

The story behind the creation of Another Round provides a perfect touchpoint in terms of the story which unfolds on screen and is somewhat vital to understanding the very heart and soul of what Thomas Vinterberg hopes to achieve in this cinematic tour de force. What unfolds from what at times may seem like naught more than a whimsical reflection on alcohol through the lens of a dark comedy, into a frank and honest discussion on love, grief, and the despondency which so many suffer from in the modern-day. …

The Case for a Just Peace

The ever-escalating crisis which has emerged since hostilities between Israeli armed forces and the Palestinian minority ensued has led to widespread condemnation and international outcry. Talks have since shifted from discussing ceasefires to seeking a permanent solution to the issues which continue to face the most complicated region on the planet.

Yet in the meantime, the international community remains likely to merely decry the conduct, they are viewing without taking any true action. Innocent men, women and children remain likely to suffer and die from the violence we are now failing to prevent. …

A reflection on Providence and what comes with it

The concept of fate, providence, destiny, or in the Arabic tongue Kismet, has been one which at some stage all of us have faced or been forced to deal with at some stage. Whether we attribute it to something of a religious or supernatural nature and put our actual belief into its consequences or we rail against it as some form of unbiased chance, which we can outwit and fight our way through, it affects us nonetheless.

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with this concept in any meaningful way, turning to ancient wisdom to…

How the United Kingdom may dissolve in the coming years

The election results in the UK of the past week may, whether all involved are aware of it or not, spell the end of the Union as we know it.

With an SNP majority in Scotland, the Tories utterly dominating in the English context and a growing degree of Welsh Nationalism, the Union’s existence has never looked more precarious than it does right now.

With Boris Johnson now riding a wave of support, which we could not have predicted at the outset of his Premiership, he can now reforge Tory policy and outlook in his own image for the foreseeable…

Frank Ó'hÁinle

Just a 23-year-old Graduate trying to find his way in the world and to share a bit of that somewhat chaotic journey here. Contact me:

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